So ever since the 2008 release of the “Great White” Blaze of Glory release from Sneaker Freaker, I have been hooked on what they collaborate on. Missing out on the first release and finding out that an exotic version of the shoes were given to friends and family with genuine sharkskin leather made me want them even more. 5 years later, it turns out that the guys over at Sneaker Freaker RE-released this amazing shoe and in special packaging and everything. However timing couldn’t be anymore worse for me. :’( AND We got them in the states AAAGGHH!! However now something new has surfaced from the Sneaker Freaker team and its the most prized bait of all, the “Sharkbait” Puma Blaze of Glory. In my opinion I thought the pack couldn’t get any more better but I was highly proven wrong. These are a INSANE MUST HAVE. Somehow, I will obtain you Sharkbait

Damn you Banksy!! I’ve just gotten word that yesterday guerrilla artist, Banksy set up a small pop-up stand down in Central Park selling original works of his for $60!! Yes the same infamous Banksy whose canvas work is worth tens of thousands of dollars was publicly being sold for $60 a piece. Then to make my distraught even worse, I heard there was a video of Banksy himself filming customers throughout the day. AAAGGGHH I wish I knew about this yesterday so I could of let someone I know out in the NYC area to scoop me up a couple pieces. The part in the video that makes me the most upset is the fact that one of the guys at the end is just picking up pieces to decorate his new apartment! Maybe it was a front and he knew what he was grabbing just trying to play it cool because he bought 4 pieces. Really wish I could have some original artwork by this guy and now I have missed out. Damn your clever guerrilla style

New collection piece of another Holy Grail of mine. Wanted to do a little something in homage to a friend of the KITH team, Jeff Staple. Featured are the New Balance 575 “NYC Pigeon”, “White Pigeon 575′s, and “Black Pigeon” 577′s. The entire collection is needed in my closet so until then, my abstract art will have to do.

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Wanted to do something a bit different on how to portray these abstraction pieces. So instead of just focusing on one colorway, I played around with a collection of colorways. And what better way to start off this venture than with the Yeezy 1 colorways. Textures, color blocking, materials… everything was on point!


Ahh, Yeezy Yeezy how you do it HAHH!

Glory, glory hallelu / Glory for Plugs One and Two

My new abstraction in my series are the amazing and highly sought after De La Soul Nike SBs. Another one of my holy grails I have yet to acquire. I think this series is starting to turn into a visual look at my wishlist. MAS Abstraction Holy Grail #MAHG

My vision of how one of one of my all time holy grails look to me. Abstract art of the Air Huarache ACG Runners ”Mowabb” colorway.

Inspired by footwear teaser shots, in general, and Macro zoom details I present to you the redefinition of my MAS Abstraction series. To start off a new start, here’s my piece on the upcoming Ronnie Fieg GL Vs. The red tones here are impeccable! Cant wait to get my pair.

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“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” -JFK

What better way to be set free to explore a vision than letting your foot free to chauffeur you through mine. Nike Free Innevas only. MASVision

The new additions in the MAS Vision series. Great quality shoes make my vision really trippy. 


“So many projects, So little time, So we create timeless pieces.” -Mark Stewart Jr. aka MAS

Its funny that I have all these inspirational quotes around me that I never intentionally tried to create one of my own that could inspire others. I was chatting with Ronnie on day, I believe, and I jokingly said this to him as we were catching up on how work was going, new projects coming up, etc. etc. It was said in such a calm manner that I don’t even believe he caught on to it. However, a few minutes after I said it, it was like the quote smacked me in the face and told me I said something powerful. So immediately as Ronnie and I were still chatting, I was Googling my new quote to see if it had ever been said by anyone in any way even remotely close to it. Luckily for me, I still haven’t found a philosopher nor artist that has said this and quoted it. So this is my stamp on making it officially a MAS Quote… I made it into art.

*This has already made it to people’s background screens and my own. Im thinking about making prints of this…hmmm*